Legal Notice

Any health problems should be consulted with a specialist doctor or your GP (General Practitioner). Naturotherapists and a detoxification therapy consultant deal with the development of a map of toxins burdening the body and the detection of infectious outbreaks using the Salvia Toxin Diagnostics and other available devices. The naturopath or  therapist does not replace the medical advice from a doctor.
• Joalis, Marion, FitLine and others products recommended by us, which are available in our online store and through direct sales, are dietary supplements selected individually by a naturotherapist or a detoxification consultant. The effects of their consumption by third parties may differ from those that are indicated and intended for the consulted person.
• Joalis, Marion, FitLine and other dietary supplements recommended by us, which are available in our online store and through direct sales, are not medicines and do not replace the medications prescribed by a doctor. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
• The website and its content are informative and should not be treated as a specialist medical advice dealing with diagnosis and treatment. The materials provided do not replace traditional knowledge and specialist medical knowledge.
• The use of any of our therapies does not affect the current treatment by the attending physician. You cannot arbitrarily change or correct the treatment prescribed by your doctor and you cannot stop taking any medications without consulting your doctor.
• Any changes made should be immediately consulted with a doctor, who is a guarantor of the effective treatment, and the user of the website should not underestimate the importance of advice from specialist doctors.
• The authors of the materials, as well as the entities holding the economic copyrights to the material posted on the website declare that:
the information on the method of the body detoxification and dietary supplements contained in the material does not constitute their advertisement or recommendation;
it is not their intention to guarantee the suitability of the content of the materials for an individual purpose or application;
are not responsible for any damage as a result or consequence of the use or inability to use the materials on the supplements;
the user always acts on his own responsibility and it is in his interest to consult a doctor, which we encourage you to do, stressing that you should not be guided solely by the information obtained via the website
• We are not doctors and we do not issue medical opinions or diagnoses. The test results are not diagnoses in the sense of academic medicine.
• Devices for Dr. Voll's method, including the Salvia device, are not medical devices in the understanding of academic medicine.
• Our measurements should be regarded as complementary to clinical medicine, not as a substitute for it.
• We deal with unconventional medicine, which is able to effectively determine the cause of ailments, especially chronic diseases, which are often difficult to detect using classical medicine methods.
• A naturopath, or a therapist in the EU, works in line with the guidelines of Resolution 1206 of the Council of Europe.
• The materials and information available on the website are not consultative, they serve only informational and educational purposes and cannot replace a doctor's diagnosis.
The methods and proposed treatments should be deemed in terms of developing your own health interests, personal health choices and the personal pursuits of betterment of your individual health.
• Measurements and health restoration offered by Magdalena Serafin and Jacek Krzymiński do not constitute medical procedures - they are complementary (holistic) therapies. Their aim is to prevent and support the body's recovery, they are not defined as a treatment in the understanding of academic medicine. Before starting complementary therapy, we recommend that you consult your health condition with your medical doctor.
• They cannot be used for direct application or for self-treatment. Treatment should always be consulted with a medical doctor. When using naturotherapy, we recommend that you consult your attending physician in order to assess and possibly diagnose your health condition.
• The customer is responsible for its compliance with the facts by voluntarily providing information about his health.
• Magdalena Serafin and Jacek Krzymiński are not responsible for providing information which is only a theoretical interpretation and is based mainly on personal beliefs and their own theories.
• By using our information material posted on the website, each user of the website declares that he has read this Legal Notice and is aware of its legal meaning.
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