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Corpus Supremum is a fully Licenced and Experienced Naturopathy Clinic based in Tralee Co. Kerry, Ireland. Using naturopathic techniques, we offer a wide variety of  therapies to restore your body from your current illnesses, prevent future disease and increase your overall health.

Naturopathy sees the person as a whole and uses this philosophy to restore health conditions, rather than just treating the symptoms of the illness. Naturopathy addresses your overall lifestyle and incorporate the mind, body, and sprit to foster body restoration. Naturopathy and natural techniques are used to encourage the body to heal itself, and therapies typically involves diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle in addition the application of naturopathic therapies like bio-energy,  massages, acupressure and more.

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Benefits of Naturopathy

Naturopathic care is the understanding that body has an innate ability to health itself. As such there are numerous benefits to naturopathic remedies. By embracing the body’s ability to heal itself, many clients see tremendous results. It fosters a greater balance between mind, body and spirit promoting a healthier lifestyle and mind-set. 



"One day, about 2 years ago, I met privately, by chance, Magdalena Serafin - bioenergy therapist. When she found out that I was ill, she offered help. Unfortunately, I did not listen to her. Over the next 18 months we talked about it several times, but I did not react. In December 2018, I decided to sign up and visit her clinic, I was curious and resentful in regards to my health problems which lasted for 12 years (lupus with complications). The first visit was filled with a lot of information and knowledge about bioenergo therapy treatment. Something unexpected happened that day ... I realized that this woman is my chance to return to a normal life, that she can help me. We then began to meet regularly and her therapy gives me what I have missed out on over the last 12 years. Magda not only applied BIO therapy, but also surrounded me with care and understanding. From the resigned, sick, sore and tired of life human being, long forgotten feelings began to emerge. I began to plan the future anew and regained my faith in healing. Magda was so organized and full of my actions that I felt immediate results. Now, when I write about it, it seems so normal and obvious to me, but in the last 12 years of my illness no one, except my loved ones, were able to fight for me for life and Magda is still with me and I can always count on her. I would once laugh at a person talking about alternative treatment explaining suffering and disbelief in anything. Magda started everything with a positive attitude. Then BIO... Someone who did not experience it - will never understand what strength this therapy gives. How much relief I feel after each session when the pain goes away. Each next step is closer to healing. The pain is overcome, it does not have to be an executioner. The disease is just a moment - longer or shorter - which will pass.
It is impossible to put in words what feelings and emotions accompany meeting Magda. Because how can you express the joy of recovery adequately? You can walk without pain, eat without worrying about the consequences, start and end the day with a smile on your face. With such support displayed constantly,
I know that I can manage anything. I am full of devotion and motivation to keep moving forward. I am so grateful to fate that he has put Magda in my path, but I'm also proud of myself that I accepted her help.
I will always be grateful to Magda for her dedication, heart, time, patience and understanding. With all my heart, Magda, thank you!"

E.S. - Ireland 


“Magdalena is a great healer and most of all very lovely person. She is warm and carrying. She helped me a lot when I lost my hope to get better. I have been bleeding continuously for 5 months (menstruating) and nobody was able to help me. I had sessions with other healers but my health haven't improved at all. Magdalena was recommended to me by my friend who said she is an amazing healer and my friend was right  about it apparently. I highly recommend her service to anyone.”

Magda - UK

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